Why You Should Buy The Best Clothes Steamer

Best Garment Steamer

The best thing you can do to eliminate all those frustrating wrinkles out of your clothes is to invest in the best of the best clothes steamer. The greatest advantage of using a clothes steamer is the fact you will never have to use an iron.

Rather than wasting time and a lot of energy ironing your laundry, you can get the activity over with in half the time it originally takes you using a fabric steamer. Where you have to continuously spray water and then iron the wrinkles, you can use the steamers to get the job done in a matter of seconds.

The Best Clothes Steamer – Our Top 5 Recommendations

Here are top clothes steamers available on the market:​

PurSteam PS-910 Heavy Duty Powerful Fabric Steamer

The PurSteam PS-910 is one of the best products available for a topnotch wrinkle removal. The company has focused on designing the machine to be durable, strong and a very powerful steamer. Moreover, the product does not compromise on flexibility, performance and functionality.

The product comes with specific attachments to help you steam all types of fabrics, clothes and even the upholstery on your living room furniture. Plus, you can also steam your curtains using the PS-910. In addition, the steamer is fitted with a very useful and flexible hanger, which effectively gets rid of all the wrinkles.

This can be really useful for suit jackets that a broad shoulders. You can easily expand the hanger to three different lengths, which are 15 inches, 17 inches and 19 inches.


  • The steamer has a 61 oz tank capacity
  • Takes 40 to 60 seconds
  • 60 minutes of steam
  • Steam at 245 degrees F for deeper de-wrinkling, especially for thick fabrics
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty
PurSteam PS-910 Heavy Duty Powerful Fabric Steamer with Fabric Brush and Garment Hanger With Box

The steam board for the machine is made with an ergonomic grip and is handheld, which means you can easily de-wrinkle your shirt’s sleeves, the collars and pockets without any problems. Furthermore, the product also comes with an attachment to make a nice, crisp crease on your clothes to give them a more complete look.

This is especially handy when you’re going out for a formal dinner and what to look as sharp as possible. You can even impress your boss in a meeting at the office. There is a wide range of clothing items you can use the attachment on, which include pants, hems, pleats, sleeves, collars, etc.

PureSteam XL - High-Powered Standing Fabric Steamer

Moreover, another great advantage of the product is that it effectively helps deodorize the fabric as well. You can even use the product on your bed, your baby’s blankets as the high-pressure steam can instantly kill those annoying bed bugs and dust mites.

The product comes with a good array of features. It comes with a telescopic pole that you can adjust as per you height. You can also detach the pole to conveniently store the machine.


  • The water tank can be easily removed (the tanks stores up to half a gallon of water)
  • The water heats and generates steam in about 45 seconds
  • You can expect an hour worth of steaming per half gallon filled
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty
  • You can use the steamer not just for your clothes but for your curtains, beddings and furniture as well
  • Works on all types of fabrics
  • Comes with a garment hanger and other attachments such as a fabric brush
PureSteam XL - High-Powered Standing Fabric Steamer with Garment Hanger and Fabric Brush Set

Moreover, the machine is also fitted with rolling casters, which means you can take the machine anywhere you want in your house.

Conair ExtremeSteam Fabric Steamer

The Conair ExtremeSteam edition is another really great and “extremely” budget-friendly option. The machine is designed to have standard features helping you to de-wrinkle all manner of clothing and fabric without any complications.

Moreover, you can use the steamer for a variety of other things such as your curtains and fabric on your living room furniture. Another really cool thing about the Conair steamer is the fact it is designed with a cutting-edge steaming technology that provides steam that is 30% hotter than average steamers. This is makes the machine more capable to penetrate deep inside the fabric, de-wrinkling it.


  • 30% hotter steam generation
  • Dual Heat Technology
  • The machine generates 1110 watts of power
  • The water in the reservoir heats and produces steam in 75 seconds
  • The steam time on the machine is 15 minutes
  • Fitted with a slide switch – you can use for two different heat settings
  • Has an energy-saving functionality
  • Comes with a limited 1-year warranty
  • Comes with 3 different attachments, which include a creaser, fabric brush and a cushion brush (all three attachments can be removed)
Conair ExtremeSteam Hand Held Fabric Steamer with Dual Heat; White Set

You can also use the machine on your beddings and your baby’s cute little blanket as well as his/her plush toys to deodorize the item and kill any mites and bed bugs along with it. The steamer is quite multi-functional. Moreover, the steam generated by the machine can help de-wrinkles your clothing five times more effectively and efficiently than steamers with standard technology.

In addition, you can select from two different steam-heat setting, which is primarily designed to offer a high degree of versatility when it comes to different types of materials. For example, you can select the low-heat setting for delicate fabrics such as silk and sating and use the normal heating option for the rest of the fabrics such as cotton, wool and polyester.

J-2000 Jiffy Garment Steamer With Plastic Steam Head

When it comes to light commercial applications, nothing is better than the J-2000 Jiffy steamer. Why? Well, that is mainly because the machine is designed to provide you with a multitude of features and applications, which include de-wrinkling different fabrics and clothes, you can use it to remove your wallpaper, you can use to de-wrinkle your bed linen and other bedding fabrics, deodorizing it.

Moreover, the J-2000 is designed to have a cutting-edge, powerful-impact plastic body for high-level durability. In addition, it is fitted with durable wheels that do not get stuck or anything when you drag the machine along.


  • The machine is fitted with a 1300 watt heating component made from brass
  • Manufactured in the US
  • The exterior of the product is made from high-grade plastic for added durability
  • Heats and produces steam in 2 minutes
  • Per ¾ gallons, the machine produces 1.5 hours worth of steam
  • The hose measures at 5.5 feet and is adjustable
  • The steam head measures at 6 inches
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty
J-2000 Jiffy Garment Steamer with Plastic Steam Head With Guidebook And Wrench

The machine is fitted with a ¾-water tank that is designed to perfectly fit at the bottom of the product. The Jiffy garment steamer J-2000 series is by far one of their best products when it comes to ease of use and handling. Not to mention, the machine is quite flexible and offer a high range of versatility.

You can even use it on curtains and the living room furniture without a sweat. The machine also features an automatic switch-off feature for saving power and for other safety purposes. The swivel casters are design to move 360 degrees in all direction for added mobility.

Rowenta IS6202 Partner Of Fashion Fabric Steamer

The Rowenta IS6202 Partner of Fashion is another product that is worth the money as it is designed solely for performance and ease of use. Their IS6202 series is perfect for steaming a wide range of fabrics and clothing as well as your curtains and other material-fitted furnishing in your house.

Moreover, the machine is designed to be transported like a suitcase for simplicity in mobility and is light enough to be stored anywhere you want in the house. The Rowenta is also made to be operated using foot pedals. You can press the pedal for more power and convenience.

The steamer can be used for homeowners, but is specifically designed for fashion usage and a majority of fashion houses all over the world use it.


  • Is built with a 1500 watt steaming component for professional steaming
  • Produces 1 hour of continuous steam
  • The water tank can be detached for easy usage
  • Designed with flexible handle and hose for a wide variety of fabrics
  • Comes with a garment hanger and clip, which is built in the machine
Rowenta IS6202 Partner Of Fashion Fabric Steamer Being Pulled

The product has a large telescopic pole that can be easily adjusted as per your height. After using it, you can simply push the handle down to make the machine more portable for storage. The steam head on the machine is big and generates a lot of hot steam – and can also be used for wide diffusion for effective and professional de-wrinkling.

The water tanked on the steamer is made to be transparent so that you can check how much water has been used. The water reservoir holds a total of 81 ounces of water, which will give you about an hour worth of powerful and continuous steam. You can complete your steaming activities with this amount of water without having to refill the tank all the time.

How A Best Does Rated Clothes Steamer Works

A steamer is designed for nothing but providing you convenience, ease of handling and many other functionalities. It basically functions by placing your shirt, pant, jeans or any other clothing item on the specially designed hanger, which is how the shirt or pant hangs.

After you do that, all you have to do is spray steam all over the clothes as if you are watering a plant. A much bigger and commercial version of the steamer is used by dry-cleaning other fabric and clothes related businesses.

The homeowner version is much simpler and easy to use. After you spray your laundry with steam, you will see how quickly all those wrinkles begin to disappear one by one. Another awesome reason why you should quit using an iron and jump to using the steamer is the fact you can use the steamer on a variety of fabrics.

Fabric Steamer On Green Shirt

Since, it is just steam and you don’t have to press the machine against the clothes the possibility of fabric damage is virtually zero.

This is why you can use the steamer on different fabric such as silk and cashmere without having to worry about anything. The homes clothes steamer is an incredible tool that can significantly help reduce your weekly or monthly laundry bill. It is strongly recommended that you get one without any hesitation.

Best Portable Clothes Steamer Produce A Lot Of Heat

Clothes steamers are designed to produce steam at high velocity. Plus, the temperature they produce the steam on is high as well. This in turn helps you deal with another problem – and that is killing bacteria, bed bugs and dust mites on your furniture and clothes.

However, because the steam generated can be scalding hot, it is important to use it with care. Never use it when the kids are running out. Apart from that, you can use your steamer to eliminate any allergens and bacteria and insects crawling on the curtains, the upholstery, your bed linen or your baby’s blankie.

Moreover, the best fabric steamer is highly effective for pressing hard-to-deal-with and dense fabrics. The high temperature steams works as an iron, pressing the fabrics that you may not have used for a while and have been hanging in your wardrobe for a long time.

Other Really Effective Uses For The Best Travel Clothes Steamer

Another amazing reason you should not wait to buy the best clothes steamer is that there are other surprising uses and application for fabric steamer that you may not know about. Other than completely getting rid of the wrinkles on your clothes, you can use a steamer for a variety of other de-wrinkling tasks such as using it on the drapes or curtains all around the house.

With a garment steamer, you will never have to remove the curtains and wash them yourselves because you can use the steamer both vertically and horizontally.

Fabric Steamer On Orange Curtain

Plus, the best home clothes steamer comes with a flexible and easily adjustable telescopic handle that you can use to reach the curtains up top. And because the handle is really light, you can lift the curtain or just slight move it to the side with one hand while spraying the inner fabric of the curtains.

The Best Clothes Steamer Vs. the Traditional Iron

A majority of people that do their laundry on a daily or frequent basis or those who have their office set up at home state that the durability, functionality and versatility of a fabric steamer remains unparalleled. Although some people use steamers and irons both, it is a fact that a steamer can help do plenty of things that you cannot do with an iron.

Moreover, a traditional iron isn't ergonomic, can consume a lot of electricity and is difficult to use to get the most stubborn of wrinkles out. But since fabric steamers and traditional irons are both budget-friendly products, people don’t mind using them to get the job done as quickly as possible.

However, if you don’t have the room to store both the items or if you don’t feel the need to use the iron (as it takes a lot of time to perfectly iron shirts and pants) and want to go with either one of the products, it is strongly advised that you choose the garment streamer.

That is primarily because in terms functionality, ease of use, durability and versatility the steamer will always win over the traditional iron. In addition, when you talk about quality pressing, the garment steamer will always perform better than an iron.

The Best Hand Held Steamer – Tips To Buying The Right Product

When it comes to buying the right product, there are plenty of factors to consider. In light of this, mentioned below are some important things to keep in mind, which are:

The Steamer Should Have A Good Reach

Since fabric steamers are designed to not just for pressing clothes and can be used on upholstery and curtains as well, you should always go for a product that is designed to have a long handle. The same goes for the power cord. The cord should be long enough to not unplug when you’re cleaning the drapes or the cushions and sofas in the living room.

Woman Using Fabric Steamer  On Shirt

Good Water Holding Capacity

A fabric streamer with a small water tank will run out quickly leaving you to re-fill the tank several times before getting the process done. So, in order to complete your tasks efficiently you should go for a product that has a larger water tank – up to half a gallon. The more water there is the more steam it will produce.

As per the best clothes steamer reviews, topnotch steamer have half-gallon capacities and produce continuous steam for approximately 60 minutes.

Automatic Switch-Off Functionality

Go for a product that has an automatic switch-off feature. What this does is automatically turns of the steamer when the water levels drop low. This can help you conserve energy and will also help keep the machine from damaging. You need to ensure the motor does not burnout.

Flexible And Durable Wheels

A large fabric steamer can weigh up to 30 pounds. So, it is important you make sure that the product comes with a caster wheels, making the machine easy to move around the house when you are steaming your furniture or curtains.

A Detachable Water Tank

Some steamers are designed with permanent water tanks, which means you have to drag the machine to the tap and refill the tank. This can be a hassle, not to mention you can also wet the cord if you aren't careful or are in a hurry. This is why it is important to select a product that comes with a removable water tank that you can conveniently re-fill any time you want.

The Best Clothes Steamer – Buying Factors To Consider

Let's look at a list of things you should pay attention to when buying a steamer.

The Type Of Material Or Fabric You Need The Steamer For

When buying the steamer it is important to first make a list of fabric you will be using it on. For example, if you need the steamer to press softer fabric such as cotton, linen, silk or cashmere or other delicate clothing materials, it is better to go with a handheld steamer rather than a bigger machine. However, if you need to clean and press curtains, go for the bigger one.

Woman Using Fabric Steamer On Skirt

Do You Require A Steamer Whilst Travelling?

The best way to expedited de-wrinkling clothes that you take of your suitcase is to get a steamer. However, if you do travel internationally, it is important to invest in a handheld steamer instead of a larger model for obvious reasons.


You need a product that handles well, is ergonomic and comfortable in your hands. So, before buying a steamer, it is important to first grip the handle and see how it handles and fits. If you want one for pressing your clothes, ensure the handle is light and flexible.

Bottom Line

All in all, these are some of the best reasons you should not hesitate getting your hands on the best clothes steamer.

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